Meet the artists who collaborate with Colon Cultural
  • Johannes Zits

    Johannes Zits

    He is a Toronto artist who through multidisciplinary practices focuses on the many meanings that surrounds the body. Working with the natural environment, it extends the notion of performance to include nature in itself. Since graduating from York University in 1984 he has presented his work both around Canada and
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  • Olga Chagaoutdinova

    Olga Chagaoutdinova

    Born in Russia, Olga Chagaoutdinova is a visual artist established in Canada and Cuba. His work in photography, audiovisual and performances examines cultural codes that dismantle personal identities, values and collective and individual memories. His work has recently been based on the idea of memories and stories of suffering in
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  • Ed Pien

    Ed Pien

    He has exhibited his work at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; Goethe Institute of Berlin; Ontario Art Gallery; Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal; Songzhuang Art Center of Beijing and the Canadian National Gallery of Art. He recently participated in OH Canada in
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  • Florencia Orlandino

    Florencia Orlandino

    Actress, Theater Director and Pedagogue born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to Brussels since 2013, where in the same year she founded the Collectif Alluvion Théâtre. In 2017 she began to investigate the issues of re-connection with the uterus and female sexuality through knowledge such as anatomy, yoga and
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  • Anna Mermet

    Anna Mermet

    Visual Artist and Performer resident in Brussels. Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Rennes in France. She has exhibited her work in countries such as France, Belgium, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. In 2015, she founded  Collectif Interstice with Lis Peronti. Her work has as a workshop the public
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  • Simona Soledad

    At nineteen, Simona left Switzerland to study in France. First with Raza Hammadi at EspacePleiade of the Dance, and then with Anne Marie Porras at Epsedanse, Contemporary Dance Center located in Montpellier. She will finish her studies in 2013 at the Dancehaus School in Milan, where she graduated as contemporary
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  • Francesc Ruiz Abad

    StudiesBachelor Degree. The University of Barcelona. ESInvited student in attendance. HGB Leipzig. DE Solo Shows2018. Night on Earth. Mannerheim Gallery. Paris. FR2018. A la Croda Fluixa. Ana Mas Projects. Barcelona. ES 2017. Copy to Learn, Learn to Copy. The LODGE. Los Angeles. USA2016. I Didn’t Know I Was Collecting. Arranz-Bravo Fundation. L’Hopsitalet de Llobregat. ES2016. DINGSBUMS: Coses
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